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Factual text types


Factual Text Types

The Information Report

The purpose of an information report is to present information on a topic. They describe things by

  • classifying them
  • describing them in general terms, and then,
  • describing them in specific terms.
  • You find this kind of writing subjects such as Science, History, Geography, TAS and the Creative Arts.


Language Feature


General statement

  • general nouns eg. 'Journeys are a means by which our perspectives can develop.'
  • relating verbs to describe features eg. 'Perspectives are the ways that we view people, issues and events.'
  • action verbs to describe behaviour eg. 'I take a journey to my interior ...'
  • timeless present tense eg. 'I am learning about myself constantly ...'
  • technical terms
  • paragraphs with topic sentences to organise the information into key areas or features
  • repeated naming of the topic as the opening focus of the clause

Introduce the subject on which you will be providing information, for example, The Journey.

You can then classify the subject into key areas or features. For the HSC, for example, there are three focus areas in The Journey: the physical journey, the inner journey and the imaginative journey.

Detailed description






 In the detailed description, you then look in depth at the key areas or features you have decided upon, taking each one in turn.





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