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Factual text types


Factual Text Types

The Factual Description

A factual description is writing that describes a person, an event or a situation and does so consistently.


Language Features


Introduction of subject

  • specific nouns eg. Tyrell's office

  • detailed noun groups eg. 'a dark , wet and smoky streetscape ...'

  • a variety of types of adjectives eg. opinion; factual; classifying

  • relating verbs eg. The journey was really invigorating.

  • thinking and feeling verbs eg. Deckard respects Batty's quest; Batty resents the limitations on his life.

  • action verbs to describe the subject's behaviour eg. 'Lear rants and tears at his clothes at the peak of his storm.'

  • adverbials to provide additional information about behaviour eg. 'Lear rants seemingly incoherently ...'

  • use of figurative language eg. metaphors, similes

 The subject of the description needs to be introduced to the responder.

Development of description

 The subject needs to be broken down into its component parts or characteristic features and each part described clearly through the effective use of imagery, adjectives, verbs and adverbs as may be appropriate to the subject of the description.

Significance in history

 If the factual description concerns an event in politics or modern history - something of public significance - that significance and its context needs to be explained.

Final actions


 This last section can include an evaluation of the subject as a means of concluding the description.





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