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Text types used in the HSC

Narrative text type

Review text type


HSC Text Types

Literary Text Types


Literary texts



Some text forms

 Language features

(This is not definitive)



Ballads; lyrics; short stories; traditional tales; fairy tales; myths and legends; novels; picture books; play scripts; improvisations

  • Orientation; series of complications; resolution 
  • First person; third person narrative?
  • Description; dialogue
  • Figurative language
  • Mood; atmosphere
  • Characterisation

Follow the link for a narrative scaffold

Literary description

Sonnets; odes; lyrics; novels


  • figurative language
  • rhyme; rhythm
  • verses


Personal response/Review

Reviews with personal recommendations

Objective reviews of books, films, plays etc.

  • Third person analysis
  • First person evaluation
  • Description
  • Textual references
  • Some emotive language?

Follow the link for a review scaffold




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